Sacrificing Our Children to a Sacred Cow

Voters Must Wake Up and Ask Questions


According to North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE), an organization that has been documenting and publishing monthly statistics on illegal immigrant rape and sexual assault on children since January 2009, in 2021 there were 1,205 rapes or sexual assaults of children in North Carolina by 284 illegal immigrants.

Sacred Cow, wikimedia.


We need to start asking people running for public office in North Carolina why this has been happening for over a decade and is getting worse. The latest monthly report for March 2022 documented 110 rapes or sexual assaults of North Carolina children by 30 illegal immigrants. Why aren’t our radio, television, and print media raising an alarm and protest? Are the facts of these crimes and statistics ever raised in the General Assembly and county commissions and school boards?


Is illegal immigration, which politicians and public officials sheepishly now refer to as “undocumented immigration,” such a sacred cow that we must sacrifice our children to it?


North Carolina voters should be asking why North Carolina had the eighth highest number of illegal immigrants, approximately 488,000 in 2021. Including their U.S. born dependents, the number is 657,000. Why is the city of Greensboro ninth in the U.S. with 17,413 illegal immigrants?


Loose immigration policy and a blind eye to the high costs of illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration have been responsible for dramatic demographic changes since the 2010 census. The increase is by no means all illegal immigration, but it is indicative that immigration laws are largely unenforced. In the last decade, the Hispanic/Latino population has nearly doubled to 10.7 percent in North Carolina. The Asian population has increased from 2.0 percent to 4.0 percent. By comparison, the “white” population has dropped to less than 64 percent and the black population remains about 22 percent.


The high level of illegal immigration has its economic costs that are passed on to taxpayers and North Carolina workers. The Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR) calculated several years ago that illegal immigration costs North Carolina taxpayers $2.0 billion per year. The World Population Review had a very recent figure of $2.06 billion for North Carolina. The bulk of these costs are for public education, healthcare,  welfare, and law enforcement. All this is continually denied by the negligent culprits and politicized fact checkers like Politico, but the average person can observe these taxpayer paid services and benefits going to people who are probably illegal immigrants. My wife was a triage nurse at a Western North Carolina hospital several years and found that many of her patients had a different social security number on each visit. In the same county, the chief building inspector, testifying at a county commission committee hearing, revealed that about 80 percent of social security numbers used by immigrant labor proved either false or stolen. A national Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report found that 75 per cent of illegal immigrant workers used false or stolen social security numbers. The other 25 percent did not report their earnings to the IRS.


The problem is not primarily agricultural workers. North Carolina has an average of 150,000 migrant workers including family, many of which are legal,  but the total population of illegals and families is 657,000.  At any rate, North Carolina has a problem, and most public officials are not willing to pay attention to it, although it is costly to taxpayers and American workers and inflicts unspeakable grief on crime victims, including children and their parents as the NCFIRE statistics prove.


FAIR reports an estimated 15.5 million illegal immigrants in the United States at the end of 2021. The net fiscal costs per year amounted to $143.1 billion, up 9.4 percent from 2020, and should reach $200 billion per year by 2025 due to the acceleration of illegal immigration by the Biden Administration. Amnesties do not end these costs; they explode illegal immigration and chain migration, also exploding the costs exponentially. Another amnesty would have the same effect on America as a huge iceberg gash had on the RMS Titanic in 1912.


Yet this $143 billion in fiscal costs pales in comparison to the horrendous negative impact that excess immigration inflicts on American workers.  According to a 2016 CIS study using National Academy of Science data, American wages are suppressed by $494 billion per year by cheap foreign immigrant labor. Divide that by 150 million American workers, and foreign cheap labor costs each American worker just under $3,300 per year. The agrees very closely with the studies of Harvard labor economist George Borjas, himself a Cuban immigrant.


It is impossible to measure the grief and economic damage done by illegal immigrant crime, but it is very real and highly significant. A 2019 FAIR study, using the Federal government’s data from its State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), found after rigorous analysis that:


“illegal aliens are typically at least three times as likely to be incarcerated than citizens and lawfully-present aliens.”


According to a University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center study in 2007, while Hispanics accounted for 18 percent of DUI arrests, they represented only 7 percent of the population. According to media comments by a North Carolina Sheriff interviewed by WRAL in Raleigh on April 18, 2008,  the accused DUI drivers are  typically young males who are in the United States illegally. The WRAL article concerned some deaths of innocent children and adults killed by illegal immigrant drivers.  Many North Carolina sheriffs and former sheriffs  are deeply concerned about the high human costs of illegal immigrant crime, but the North Carolina Legislature is not doing the business of the people in this regard.  It is dominated by commercial interests that benefit from illegal or unchecked cheap-labor  immigration. Several years ago, they even passed legislation to give illegal immigrants “driver’s permits”—an absolutely exasperating encouragement of illegal immigration!


The illegal immigrant “driver permit” and the statistics in this article prove that on balance North Carolina’s political leadership has actually been encouraging illegal immigration, and the people of North Carolina are suffering tangible harm. Their wound grows deeper when they are expected to do a happy-dance of politically correct denial.


The vast majority of Democrats are apparently committed to destroying the country and their states and communities through unlimited immigration and woke insanity. However, those Republicans who have been blinded by the false narratives of powerful cheap-labor lobbyist organizations need to wake up and smell the coffee. Besides all the economic damage and human misery they are causing, they are making North Carolina and other Southern States, once safely  conservative and Republican, into woke-blue craters of nonsense and economic and human misery.


Voters had better wake up and ask some hard questions. It is important to ask these questions in the primaries rather than find you have elected an immigration weasel who will continue on course to their and your destruction.


“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…”—Hosea 4:6







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