Afghanistan and American Immigration Policy

Sharia and the Need for Rigorous Immigration Vetting


I agree with those who believe we have a shared responsibility for the safety of the Afghans who helped American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban is cut from the same cloth as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Reliance of the Traveller. Manual for Sharia Law. Amazon photo.

They are among the most radical and violent of all who embrace Sharia  (Islamic Law). Abandoning those Afghans who were sincerely trying to help us to these cruel jihadists would be a moral disgrace.

Yet admitting immigrants from Afghanistan and other countries dominated by Sharia Law culture poses a formidable risk of jihadist infiltration endangering lives and democratic institutions. There is a need for rigorous immigration vetting and creative international resettlement solutions.


Islam is a total worldview, and Islamic Law is a legal system encompassing every aspect of Muslim life—religion, politics, government, war, criminal and civil law, business, family, food, dress, social, culture, absolutely everything.  In predominantly Muslim nations governed by Islamic Law, criticizing Islam or Islamic Law can invoke the death penalty. Islamic Law is fiercely anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-democracy, and anti-Western.


     Sharia is the Arabic word for Islamic Law. Although it is a redundancy, I frequently refer to it as Sharia Law to be better understood. Knowing some basic facts about Sharia is essential to understanding Islam. Just as the Bible is the foundational basis of Christian doctrines and teachings, the Koran, also spelled Quran and Qur’an, is the most sacred foundational text of Islam. However, Islam has two other foundational texts that are considered by Muslims to be almost as sacred as the Koran. The Koran is believed to have come directly from Allah (Arabic for god) and imparted to Muhammad, the foremost Prophet of Allah, by the angel Gabriel over 22 years. The two other collections of documents are the Sira, which is basically the biographical history of Muhammad, and the Hadiths, which are collections of the sayings and example of Muhammad recorded by his close companions. Together the Sira and the Hadiths are termed the Sunna.


The Sunna is especially useful in explaining the context and meaning of Koranic passages. By actual volume of words, the Koran, which is about the size of the New Testament, is only 14 percent of the combined doctrinal texts of Islam.


The most important thing to know about Sharia is that each of its laws are documented by reference to the Koran or the Sunna.  The easiest and most used Sharia Law manual is Reliance of the Traveller (1,200 pages and spelled with a double l). In it, each law is indexed. For example, Apostasy from Islam, for which the penalty is death,  is indexed as o8.0.


According to Pew Research surveys in 2013, Afghanistan, which is 99 percent Muslim, is also the most Sharia compliant country in the world with 99 percent of its Muslims believing that Sharia Law should be the law of the land in all civic and religious government. Other Sharia compliant nations are the bordering nations of Pakistan and Iran.  The 2013 Pew Survey showed 84 percent in Pakistan favor Sharia Law dominance, and only 28 percent are unwilling to condemn ISIS. Other notably Sharia compliant governments are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Qatar.  About 89 percent of Palestinian Muslims want to be governed by Sharia Law.  Worldwide, well over half of Muslims would like to see Sharia Law dominant in their country.  According to Dispatch International (Sweden) in 2015, 66 percent of European Muslims want to be under Sharia Law rather than Europeans laws. Pew did not have a comparable survey for the United States, but it is apparent from other surveys that Muslim Americans are considerably more liberal and less sympathetic to violence that most Muslims around the world. Sharia compliance is also very low among Muslims in Southeastern Europe.  About two-thirds of Muslim-American voters favor the Democratic Party. According to Pew, the Muslim population of the U.S. in 2017 was 3.4 million and had been increasing by 100,000 migrants per year under President Obama.


According to the 2013 Pew Survey, only 41 percent of Americans believe Islam encourages violence more than other faiths, although 63 percent of evangelical Protestants and 63 percent of Republicans believe this.  This compares to 26 percent for Democrats. Most Americans are not familiar with the Jihadic violence found in Islam’s doctrinal foundations and 1,400 years of Muslim history. It is surprising how few Muslims are really familiar with the Koran, the Sunna, and Sharia Law.


While many translations of the Koran use “God” referring to Allah, I prefer to use Allah. That is because despite common characteristics such as being all-powerful and all-knowing and being connected to the story of Abraham, the personalities of Allah of the Koran and Jehovah, the Lord God of the Bible, are quite different, leading to sharply contrasting theologies.


Reliance of the Traveller citation o9.0 is very important because it covers Jihad.


“Jihad means war against Kafirs [non-Muslims] to establish Islam.”


Kafir here means unbeliever or infidel or one who suppresses Islam. Note that both Christians and Jews, though sometimes referred to in the Koran as “people of the book” are Kafirs. Note that Sharia does not refer to Jihad as spiritual struggle as claimed by disingenuous Muslim apologists. Jihad is Holy War against any who have not submitted to Islam and Sharia Law. About 32 percent of the Koran and Sunna deal with Jihad, but it is not mentioned at all in the early chapters of the Koran recorded in Mecca ( Note that the chapters in the Koran are not in historical order, but by the length of the text. Reading them in historical order is best for comprehension.


     The Doctrine of  Abrogation is extremely important in interpreting the Koran and understanding Sharia. The Koran, despite its claim to divine origin, is filled with many contradictions. One reason for this is that Muhammad’s sayings became markedly more political and violent, when he moved from Mecca to Medina (both in the western portion of modern Saudi Arabia), where he became a political leader and warlord. Whatever is revealed last through Muhammad effectively subordinates earlier sayings that contradict it. The new Medinan verses become strong verses, and the early Meccan verses they replace are known as weak verses. The contradictions and abrogations are explained in two ways. First, Allah can change his mind. Second, is that the weak verses were Allah’s advice, when the Muslims were weak politically and militarily, while in Mecca. When they became politically and militarily strong in Medina, Allah’s advice became more coercive and violent.


While in Mecca they had to be submissive and peaceful. When strong and dominant in Medina, they cut off the heads of 800 Jewish prisoners. Within a few years, all the Jewish men in Medina had been driven out or slaughtered. They kept their wives and children as concubines and slaves. The biography of Muhammad serves as a plan for Hijra (invasion by migration) and Jihad against non-Muslim host nations.


Muslim immigration (Hijra) to Kafir lands is peaceful as long as their number remains small, and they are politically weak. As they grow stronger, they begin to demand that the host government make small accommodations to Sharia Law. The stronger they become the more demanding they are for larger host country concessions. When they become strong enough, they begin their Holy Jihad and demand that Sharia Law become the new law of the land, superior to any other law. That is why Sharia Law violates Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and why we should deny immigrant or visitor entry to anyone who embraces Sharia Law, Jihad, or the Islamic Doctrine of Supremacy:


 Muslim Hadith (001,0031). Muhammad said: I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations from me…”


Sharia contains essentially two applications of law, one for Muslims and one for all non-Muslims, and they are by no means equal. It allows for dualistic ethics. Treat Muslims as brothers and non-Muslims as they were treated by Muhammad: subject to robbery, rape, torture, slavery, and murder. Treat men as equals and women as inferiors with few rights. Keep your word to Muslims but freely lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam. This is Taqiyya, the doctrine of deception supporting subversion and Jihad.


Bukhari Hadith (4,52,268). Muhammad said: “Jihad is deceit.”


     Taqiyya allows Muslims to deceive non-Muslims in order to protect themselves and to defend or advance the cause of Islam. This is particularly useful in concealing the intent and threats of Hijra (migration) and Jihad, Holy War in the cause of Allah. The use of Taqiyya is widespread in U.S. Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.  There are similar Islamic doctrines that purposely promote ambiguity, flattery, and false friendships to deceive Kafirs.


Koran 3:28: “Let believers not take for friends and allies infidels rather than believers; and whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah…”


This is Just one of 13 verses in the Koran that command Muslims not to become genuine friends with non-Muslims.


Sharia dualism also teaches the principle of loving what Allah loves and hating what Allah hates Thus we have sacred love and sacred hate, and all Kafirs and Kafir culture and  institutions are subject to the zealous intensity of sacred hate, violence, and terrorism.


Islamic prohibition of Muslims becoming genuine friends with non-Muslims is part of a more general doctrine of al-Walaa wal-Baraa meaning allegiance or love for Muslims and rejection and hatred for Kafirs and their civilizations.  The “golden rule” of Islam is to follow the example of Muhammad.  According to Dr. B. Warner, the Koran devotes 64 percent of its text to the hatred and punishment of Kafirs on earth and in hell.


Furthermore, the Hadiths and Koran forbid Muslims to assimilate into the societies of unbelievers, except for the purpose of infiltrating, undermining, and displacing them under the doctrine of Hijra (migration for Jihad) leading to their destruction or submission under Jihad.


Failure, actually refusal, to understand the real nature of Islam based on its clearly documented doctrines outlined in the Koran and Sunna is wrecking American foreign policy and could wreck Western Civilization. We must find and share Afghan refugee solutions that are not civilization suicide.




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