House Committee Passes Cawthorn Amendment to Promote Employment for America’s Veterans

Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s Office Report:

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs today passed an amendment based on legislation authored by U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) that opens up new and unique pathways towards employment for our nation’s veterans.

The amendment included the text of Cawthorn’s bill, H.R. 2391, the Vets Fellowship Act.

“I come from a military family. I understand the sacrifices they make and the struggles they endure,” Cawthorn said. “Once elected, I made supporting and improving the lives of veterans in NC-11 one of my top priorities.

There’s so much that can be done and more to do. The passage of my legislation will help ensure that veterans attain meaningful employment during these difficult economic times.”

Congressman Cawthorn’s legislation would:


•      Direct the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment & Training to carry out a pilot program in at least three states to help veterans find meaningful employment through short-term fellowship programs.

•      Provide veterans participating in the fellowship programs with a living stipend that is equivalent to the amount of wages that would be earned by the veteran through the fellowship.

•      Require a Government Accountability Office report upon the conclusion of the fellowship programs on their effectiveness in getting veterans back to work.


Congressman Mike Bost, Ranking Member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee stated, “Congressman Cawthorn’s bill will help accomplish one of Congress’ highest priorities – getting veterans back to work. Before the pandemic, the veteran unemployment rate had hit a near record low. Now, an estimated half a million veterans are unemployed. Congressman Cawthorn’s bill will help put those veterans on the right path for a high-paying career in the corporate world. I am grateful for his leadership.”


After today’s passage of this amendment out of the House Veteran Affairs Committee, the next step for this legislation will be a vote on the House floor.

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