America’s Future under Siege

Where Are We Going?

By Mike Scruggs- The Election of November 3, 2020 is at this date still not settled. It is obvious to those who will hear the evidence and can easily connect the dots that there was massive organized Democratic Party vote fraud in at least six states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Fort McHenry 1814. Wikipedia Photo.

The fraudulent results of those six states tipped the vote balance from Trump-Pence to Biden-Harris. This orchestrated fraud included illegal rule changes, illegal official actions, illegal voting, dishonest counting, bullying, and computer manipulation of voting machines.

This is documented by over 1,000 sworn affidavits, appalling mathematical impossibilities, and a growing number of forensic analyses on the voting machines of Dominion Voting Systems and related companies. The degree of Democrat fraud is far more than enough to warrant overturning the elections of those states by their respective state legislatures or federal or state courts.

The same establishment news and social media and technology companies that substantially influenced the vote by more than 10 percent by covering up Biden political positions and scandalous corruption and demonizing and misrepresenting Trump 24 hours a day for seven days a week, now loudly declare there is no evidence of fraud. This is proof of their own corruption and dishonorable collusion with the Democrat Party and establishment swamp.

The case against this sweeping conspiracy to defeat Trump by fraud has been brought to 60 courts by Trump and as many as 20 states, but no court has to date agreed even to listen to the evidence. The argument of the courts has thus far been very thin and flimsy, so thin as to appear phony to a vast segment of American citizens.

The most common call of these courts is that states and the President have “no standing.”  It is outrageous and cowardly for them to claim that aggrieved states and federal candidates have no standing in challenging rather obvious and substantial vote fraud that could mean the end of Constitutional government and the integrity of elections and even threaten the survival of the nation. They are essentially saying that the people have no standing or recourse against outrageous election crimes and violations of their freedoms.

While a graduate student in business many years ago, I had the privilege of taking a course taught by a Stanford Law School professor, who to my delight turned out to be a conservative.

He talked about three major factors in court decisions: equity (fairness), precedence (consistency with past court decisions), and the impact on public policy. The public policy factor included the public good regarding the comprehensive economic and social life of the country and orderly freedom.

The courts are naturally reluctant to set precedence for overturning elections, but blindness to massive organized election fraud sets an even more terrible precedent. Not to act against such huge vote fraud violates everyone’s sense of fairness or equity. Vote fraud is exponential unfairness. As to public policy implications, the consequences of ignoring substantial vote fraud would almost certainly have Constitution-destroying and nation-destroying political, social, economic, cultural, public safety, and national security consequences. Vote fraud is the door to unaccountable, crooked, and tyrannical government.

The best chance to overturn the election fraud at this point lies in the state legislatures of at least three states overturning the results insisted by the media to date and appointing Trump delegates to the Electoral College replacing Biden delegates. This is constitutional, completely fair in this case and desperately warranted to save the nation. Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin are already progressing in this, and others could soon follow.  The date Congress meets to certify and approve Electoral College results on January 6. It takes only one House Member and one Senator in each case to put in a motion for debate to overturn a state’s Electoral College delegation.

The decision to revoke or replace, however, allows only one vote per state. Thirty states now have Republican dominated legislatures. In the Senate, however, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Whip John Thune are trying to dissuade Republicans from motions to overturn a Biden victory. McConnell and Thune may think they are preserving the establishment dignity of the Republican Party, but they have their heads in the swamp. Republican failure to stop Biden’s election, when they had a chance, is more likely to destroy the Republican Party in detail. Concerned and fair-minded Republicans need to call their Senators and Representatives and demand they support the Trump delegates chosen by the State Legislatures challenging the consequences of widespread fraud.

America’s Future under Siege 

If the Biden-Harris ticket is elected, the economic, social, political, national security, foreign policy, and even public order consequences may be nation-destroying. We must also win both Georgia Senate seats. Having only a small Senate majority and no Trump Presidency, however, will only mitigate a portion of the evil consequences of an Obama-Biden-Harris-Clinton-Soros Administration backed by their media and big tech allies.

Quo Vadimus?–Where are we going? Consequences of surrender to Neo-Marxist fraud.

China will quickly become the world’s greatest economic and military power.

The Russian Federation will be the second greatest military power. The capabilities, technologies, and readiness of our U.S. Armed forces will fall behind, leaving America with increasingly limited foreign policy options to defend ourselves or help keep peace in the world. The morale of the Armed Forces will likely suffer from various forms of “woke” policies.  Do we actually think “woke” combat military units would be able to fight their way out of a paper bag? There will be no negotiations with North Korea except as demanded by China.

We will quickly lose our energy independence, which will further restrict our economic, national security, and foreign policy options.

American workers had suffered 30 years of falling real wages, before Trump increased their wages by over $4,000 during his first four years. Increased immigration, including illegal immigration, open borders, and amnesties will drive their wages down again. We will be back to the situation where the wages of American workers were depressed by $500 billion per year so American companies using cheaper foreign labor could profit $500 billion per year. Manufacturing jobs will start going to China and other cheap labor countries again. Unemployment will rise, and employment and entrepreneurial opportunities will contract.

New Democrat-leaning immigration will overwhelm any future for the Republican Party as anything but a me-too shadow of the Democrat Party. There will be no chance of ever electing another Republican President, and the days of Republican majorities in Congress will soon be out of future reach.

Politics will become more and more about race and racial grievances. This will make racial tension higher and national unity unlikely. Most Americans will suffer the same kinds of suppression and lack of legal recourse as Southerners experienced during Reconstruction.

The U.S. dollar will get weaker, and our economic viability and options will weaken with it.

Taxes will be higher, but they will more often be used punitively to maintain power than to balance budgets. The main engine of essentially phony “economic expansion” will be inflation. This will be particularly hard on older retired people. It may result in hyper-inflation, which destroys nations and peoples.

The Obama/Biden soft policy on Islam will result in more Muslim immigration to the U.S., more Muslim influence on U.S. politics and domestic and foreign policy, and more terrorism abroad. The Muslim Brotherhood will further infiltrate our intelligence and national security agencies. Iran is likely to become a nuclear power, and Turkey will rise as a major Islamic power, threatening Europe with massive immigration, and peace in the Middle East and North Africa.

Israel will be under constant threat of annihilation by both Iran and Turkey.

One of the greatest tragedies that could befall the U.S. would be to make criticism of Islam a crime. This has become a key method of destroying any possible resistance to Islamization in Western Europe. Read Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, by Raymond Ibrahim, foreword by Victor Davis Hanson, if you believe Islam is compatible with Christianity, Judaism, Western civilization, or democracy.

I am very concerned about what will become of our educational institutions. Academic and intellectual freedoms are almost lost there now. Christian and conservative worldviews are becoming Orwellian thought crimes. Political correctness and bullying are not compatible with the search for truth or with the freedoms and trust needed for a prosperous and livable society.  Christmas is already being replaced by the Winter Holidays.

Elections, of course, will look more and more like Venezuela—one party despotism with only whispered resistance.

It is a good time to read or review George Orwell’s novels Animal Farmand 1984, while you still have the freedom to do so. Also call your U.S. Senators and tell them to support Trump on January 6. It’s easy to “google” their Washington phone numbers.






Fort McHenry 1814

Will that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave?


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