Vote Fraud and the Death of Democracy

The Dark Shadow of Election 2020

“It is not the people who vote that count; it is the people who count the votes.”
–attributed to Joseph Stalin.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD MIT World-renowned systems engineer, confirms massive 2020 vote fraud.

This may be a paraphrase from The Memoirs of Stalin’s former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov published in 2002. It actually referred to a vote of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1923, of which Stalin said,
“Í consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how, but what is extraordinarily important is this: who will count the votes and how.”
The idea of dishonest vote counting to win elections did not originate with the Soviet Union or Joseph Stalin, although voter fraud, dishonest vote counts, and the dark shadow of voter intimidation are consistent characteristics of Marxist philosophy and practice.

The people who vote do count, and it is important that they be fairly, truthfully, and well informed in casting their vote. But the second part of Stalin’s alleged quote is true.

The counting of the vote is of tremendous importance. An honest count is all important, and we must guard the honesty and accuracy of the vote with tremendous care. Dishonest vote counting makes elections extravagant but worthless show. It dishonors every voter and undermines the essential moral and political strength of a people. It makes honest government impossible and breeds corruption and tyranny.

Vote fraud, dishonest counting, and voter intimidation have characterized some periods and places of American history. A similar quote was attributed to William M. “Boss” Tweed of New York City in 1871 by cartoonist Thomas Nast. Vote fraud, ballot box stuffing, suspicious counting, illegal voters, and voter intimidation were especially common during the Kansas controversies of 1854 to 1859.

The 1864 Election during the Civil War was marred by serious irregularities. The Reconstruction era of 1865 to 1878 was characterized by rampant corruption, including many forms of vote fraud largely covered up by those who favor a white-washed version of American history. See my book, The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, for some unpopular truth. Wrestling with unpopular truths, however, is often necessary for a healthy and justly governed society.

Real democracy and freedom cannot endure voter fraud and voter intimidation. It is inevitable because of fallen human nature that some vote fraud will occur, but tolerating even a small amount is the leaven that spreads political dishonesty and corruption like wildfire. Neither can democracy and freedom endure a predominantly partisan and dishonest national media and manipulative social media. Political corruption of all kinds is poison to democracy, freedom, and a healthy society.

How are we doing? Frankly, I believe the November 2020 Presidential Election was rife with fraud and the biggest scandal of American history. It is not over yet, but if it results in a fraudulent Democrat victory, the changes now planned by the Democrats will end any future chance of honest future elections or honest government. We may, in fact, find ourselves on the brink of serious national decline—moral, economic, social, cultural, and political—leading to lawless chaos, hyper-inflation, losses of cherished freedoms, and significantly weakened national security.

The amount of vote fraud in the 2020 Election is indeed alarming and much greater than seen before in the United States, although the 1960 Presidential Election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon was narrowly decided for Kennedy on the basis of vote fraud in Chicago and along the border of Texas and Mexico. Nixon, however, conceded rather than divide the nation.

I have been a Republican County Chairman in both Alabama and North Carolina and have run county campaigns for U.S. Senate and Governor races. I believe voter fraud has been growing over the years partly because of political correctness, which has intimidated Republicans from addressing massive voting irregularities in cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and elsewhere. Republicans have been too willing to concede close elections, because they feared any accusation of racism by Democrats and their media affiliates. When they allow political opponents to practice and even flaunt election violations, the perpetrators only become bolder in their dishonesty and dirty tricks.

Our 2020 Election looks a lot like the State Department studies of elections in Ukraine, Russia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, and some third world countries.

One of the most common signs of fraudulent elections is that independent or partisan observers are denied workable access to vote counting. Sometimes they are forced out or bullied to a state of ineffectiveness. This is exactly the atmosphere of Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta, and Trump’s attorneys have collected hundreds of signed affidavits to prove it.

Once illegal ballots have been mixed with legal ballots by dishonest, naïve, or incompetent vote counters, simply recounting the mixture of legal and illegal votes does not correct the vote, and fraud remains.

Another common feature is widespread irregularities in receiving, delivering, opening, evaluating the legality of, and counting write-in or mailed ballots. This includes vote “harvesting.” Write-in vote fraud is the most frequent type of vote fraud. Mailing out unrequested ballots to outdated registration lists is an open invitation to massive fraud and crooked government. The Trump legal team also has voluminous evidence of such violations in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and other Democrat strongholds. The narrow victory of George W. Bush over Albert Gore in 2000 was over disqualified absentee ballots.

Still another vote fraud commonality is suspicious timing or behavior in vote counting. This often takes the form of a halt in vote counting, immediately followed by a huge surge of votes for the favored candidate. This was suspiciously common to all seven swing states targeted by the Democrats: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina. All seven halted counting about 1:00 AM in the early morning. This was followed by a huge increase in Democrat votes.

Changes in voting and counting rules just before an election characterize massive vote fraud. This was done or attempted by all seven of the above swing states.

One common feature of massive vote fraud that fits the United States perfectly is an extremely biased and partisan news media. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the Washington Post, New York Times, the Atlantic Magazine, and many others played a role for the Democrats much like the Soviet official newspaper Pravda (ironically meaning Truth) in the Soviet Union. In this election, extremely partisan social media giants—Twitter, Google, and Facebook—have played a huge role in effectively covering up and restricting news and discussion on vote fraud.

Extremely important this year are statistical anomalies that strongly signal massive vote fraud. This involves programming voting machines or adding software to favor selected candidates. Two related companies, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are suspected of engineering a fraudulent Biden victory.

Voting anomalies can be analyzed on a computer to show patterns that reveal the specific formulas and timing for changing, adding, or subtracting votes for a candidate. At least 28 states used Dominion/Smartmatic voting machines this year. According to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, engineering PhD from MIT and world-renowned systems engineer and polymath (Check his super-impressive resume on Wikipedia), there is very strong statistical evidence that rigged voting machines switched hundreds of thousands of Trump votes to Biden or simply added Biden votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Every county in Georgia used the same voting machine companies.

The extent of voting machine generated fraud in the 2020 Election is certainly enough to reverse Biden leads in several states, giving the election victory to Trump. The full extent of programmed vote fraud may be a massive criminal scandal.

Although the evidence for computer generated vote fraud should destroy Biden’s electoral lead, the level of statistics and math involved is not something familiar or easily understandable to many people. Meanwhile, the partisan Biden-Obama-Harris-Clinton-Soros media—which is uncomfortable with math and driven by emotion and hysteria–is either completely ignoring it or trying to discredit it by simple denial.

We pray that the Supreme Court of the United States is open to statistical proof that the 2020 Election has been extremely tainted by the Democratic Party collusion to win by massive vote fraud endangering freedom and honest democracy.

In 2017, Presidential aide Stephen Miller pointed out another serious and growing source of vote fraud. More than 14 percent of non-citizens in the U.S. are registered to vote. Thus at least 1.5 million non-citizens may have voted. According to an Arizona member of Congress, about 36,000 Arizona voters did not prove their citizenship. The number in California—where more than 16 percent of the population are non-citizens and little vetting is done at registration—is probably enormous.

This is a sad story of criminal conspiracy, which no nation can endure without destroying the moral and political fiber of its people. We cannot surrender our freedom or our honor.

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