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Journalism is Dead

By David Morgan- I entered the publishing business some 20 years ago. At the time I had been in the furniture manufacturing business for a number of years and became very concerned that the major media outlets were not telling the people the truth about what was going on in the government. So I decided to get into the publishing business.

At that time, I wrote, “a great hunger for truth roams our communities, and yet the mainstream media continues on its course of undermining our Constitutional Republic by failing to do its job.

The American people are struggling to find factual, hard-hitting, analytical information upon which to make decisions. It is our belief that the First Amendment was placed ‘first’ so that the people, media, and journalists would always be able to investigate and report on government corruption and hidden truths.

The media was supposed to act as a check and balance on the government.” I was hoping that things would get better. And with the advent of the internet and a few other media outlets they did get a little better.

However, recently for a number of reasons, a great deal of progress has been undermined as the elite media focused more and more inward. It has become more and more obvious for all to see.

Today’s mainstream media and journalists are no longer journalists. What they as a group are producing is as sorry a display of ‘journalism’ as could possibly be found anywhere. They are far worse than Pravda, and do little more than spit out propaganda. Today, journalism is dead.

They have become simply the front line offense for the liberal agenda with no lack of shame. ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and on and on have absolutely no respect for anyone except their own clique and naked partisans.

What they do want to do is to destroy Trump and any semblance of what he and his millions of supporters might want. He has got to be bludgeoned and bludgeoned until all is gone.

They don’t give two cents about the truth of matters.

Regrettably, the reason for that is fairly simple. Elite media journalists really just don’t know what the news is anymore. And they don’t care.

They gulp down the liberal agendas foisted on them so fast and spew it out with such hatred that they don’t have a clue to what is really going on. They fester like one massive ingrown toenail that is unable to free itself from its curled up rotten bias. It’s sickening to see it happening.

Not wanting to believe what I was seeing, I decided to take a quick reality check. For approximately one week – Aug 10 thru Aug 18 – I decided to peruse the country looking at headlines in some of the various ‘mainstream’ papers.

Just suspecting what might be going on in no way prepared me for what I found. It was truly disgusting. I was staring into the bowels of a pathological nightmare of gleefully jumping gargoyles pretending that they knew something.

On these pages, you can read the headlines that I found. Mind you this was from about one week of looking. (And I did not spend all my time looking. It was too sickening.)

I perused 14 newspapers and found 119 anti-Trump articles – 25 from the New York Times, 16 from The Wall Street Journal, 22 from The Washington Post, 19 from USA Today (7 in one paper), 9 from the Los Angeles Herald, and 8 from The Boston Globe. In case you were wondering, I found maybe two or three somewhat pro-Trump articles and virtually no anti-Hillary ones. Look for yourself.

The pathetic part is that what is happening is not letting up nor slowing down. Go take a day and see what you can find. You can find for yourself all the disgusting news a bunch of media hacks are regurgitating and expecting you to believe.

No wonder papers are failing. Mainstream journalism is dead, and newspapers are in a free fall. Hopefully, some may wake up before they hit bottom.

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