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Supporting Meadows, Shutdown, Barriers and Security

Letter to the Editor

Can not the “Resisters of the Wall” and Democrats who suggest we don’t need a wall because it’s possible to build a tunnel or ladder understand that deterring illegal immigrants at a barrier with good roads to speed interception…

…would allow more patrol and money for drug detection at ports of entry where allegedly most contraband enters? If Israel can detect tunnels 180′ deep, so also could the United States.

I strongly support President Trump and Congressman Meadows, during the government shutdown tied to their border security plan for the protection of our citizens country and sovereignty.

If Meadows/Trump started a legitimate fund that would go to a physical barrier, etc. there are multitudes that would donate. I have little confidence in these unknown “go fund me sites”. That along with $5++ billion of our taxes would greatly enhance our security.

I also point out that in 2013 Senate Democrats almost unanimously supported a bill that funded 350 miles of border wall. $5.7 billion only funds about 240 miles. They supported a bill funding 350 miles and now shut the government down over 240. This seems not a display of wisdom but of hateful ignorance.

Sue Long, Waynesville, NC

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