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Working to keep America and North Carolina Great

Fremont V Brown III- By the time this article comes out I be getting back to WNC from DC and the Rally to make Rep. Jim Jordan Speaker of the House.

FreedomWorks had two bus loads of freedom loving Americans ride on a 24 hour round trip to let our House members understand that it is time to go full stream ahead on the Trump agenda by electing a new speaker.

We where just two of Fifteen buses from North Carolina to go. Did you know that WNC’s District 11 delivered more votes for our President then any other district in North Carolina? Yes, WNC wishes to prosper.

From Sept. 7 thru the 15th the Buncombe County Republican Men’s Club maintained a booth, as they do every year, at the WNC Mountain State Fair with great success. We had MANY and I do mean MANY folks come by telling us that the way to keep making America and North Carolina GREAT was to keep electing Republicans.

They were sick and tired of the Socialist media and politicians trying to destroy this great county and keep us in slavery to the government. The Government is suppose protect you and secure your rights. The Republican booth had many, many more visitors then the Socialist booth. We were told by the visitors that the Socialists had NOTHING to offer the people.

This mid-term election is a very important election. And yes, I know we hear it every election. But, this time it is true and we can not go back to the Socialist way of doing things.

All Republicans and the Republican leaning Unaffiliated voters must turn out to vote for, you guess it, REPUBLICANS as it is the ONLY way to keep North Carolina on track to prosperity and freedom. Remember what the Fair Visitors had to say: Socialists had NOTHING to offer the people. Except Higher Taxes, more Regulations, more debt, etc.

The Socialists have been telling you that the ONLY WAY to better educate your children is pay teachers more money and benefits. Well, the Republicans have. But, that is NOT the ONLY way to improve the education and prepare our future workforce.

One way to improve the system is to change the format of our education system. The present US education system does very little to prepare the students for the real world.

At the end of 12th grade very few have any true skills to get a job. Plus many college degrees are useless as they are too general and the first two-years are usually a repeat of high school. Many students cannot get jobs that justify the cost of college.

Here is an idea on how to fix our education system and make it achieve what is suppose to: First thru sixth grade the teachers must teach the students the BASICS like arithmetic, speaking, spelling, reading and writing. Teach arithmetic without calculators.

Teach the student what type
questions to ask themselves to reason out the answers for themselves.

Teach U.S. history with solid knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, plus world history and geography are a must. And teach the benefits and joys of a work ethic.

Starting in 7th grade the courses change to three hours a day for courses to prepare the student for college. One hour a day for a course called LIFE. This course would teach the student EVERYTHING they need to know once they begin life after 12th grade.

Like cooking, washing the clothes, balance the checkbook, understanding the interest rates on loans, how to do a budget and stick to it, etc.

Then four hours of vocation/trade skills. These courses would teach skills to be a plumber, carpenter, chef, landscaper, auto mechanic, dental tech, nursing, etc. The courses would also include management, purchasing, accounting and all of the skills needed to run a business.

At the end of the courses the instructors would or would not issue a certificate that guarantees the employer that the student can do the job without supervision and correctly. The student could in many cases finish school with three to six skills. I am pretty sure the drop out rate would be much lower then it is now. And the students would be more prepared to start life on their own.

PLUS, by fixing the education system you fix the ROOT of many problems in America today. Oh, and one other thing get the Socialists out of the Education System.

Socialism was never worked and never will. No need to teach a failed system of government, except to make sure the students understand it DOES NOT WORK. And just maybe we should think about year around school, with two weeks of at 4th of July and Christmas/New Years.

Remember, you should seriously consider voting Republican as the Democrats in the State House and Senate from Buncombe County will not be able to past any bill they wish to pass unless it is a bill the Republicans wish to pass also. The Republicans control both chambers.

In other words, the Democrats that are now elected from Buncombe have NO POWER to help you. They are useless to the people of Buncombe. So, is it not best to vote for someone that can get something done for the people in Buncombe while in the Legislature?

Do you not want some say in how your state functions? Isn’t that what you elect them for? Early voting Begins on Oct 17 and Ends on Nov 3. Election day is Nov 6th. Be sure to Vote and please, be sure to vote the complete ballot. It does make a difference.

I am told that in 2016 there was a steady drop off of voting as the voters went down the ballot and that at the end 800,000 voters did not vote for the Judges.

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