Preparing for North Carolina’s Future

by Fremont V Brown III- Buncombe County has 3 Socialist/Democrat House members and 1 Socialist/Democrat Senate member that did not score over a 40 on Civitas Action NC Freedom 2018 rankings.

The highest score is 100. Their score of 40, 40, and 33.3 are some of the lowest scores in the House. In the Senate the one Socialist/Democrat member scored a 25, making that member the LOWEST scorer in Civitas rankings. This is not good for Buncombe County.

To top off the problem Republicans hold the Majority in both the House and the Senate. Meaning that the 3 Socialist/Democrat House members and 1 Socialist/Democrat Senate member have NO WAY of getting a bill they wish to become law a law. They are USELESS to Buncombe County. Is it not time to replace them with Republicans?

The Republican Party has proven that they can put the States budget and the economy in Great Shape. And in doing so is Preparing for North Carolina’s Future. Isn’t time Buncombe County help them to continue doing so by voting for Republicans? I hope your answer is a big YES.

By securing our elections with Voter Photo ID we move forward by stopping the proven illegal voting in North Carolina. According to a February poll run by Civitas, 69% of NC voters support voter ID. North Carolina can join 34 other states in our nation by adding a Voter Photo ID Amendment to our Constitution.

Voter Photo ID will instill confidence that your vote COURTS. People will have more faith that the voting results are the TRUE voice of the People. Yes, voting for the Voter Photo ID Amendment is a great step going forward into the future.

Here is just SOME key provisions of the 2018-2019 North Carolina budget For Education:

-Increases funding for public education by nearly $700 million.
-Fully funds K-12, community college and public university enrollment growth.
-Provides $35 million for school safety initiatives, including new grant programs to support students in crisis, school safety training, safety equipment and youth mental health personnel.
-Invests an additional $11.9 million in textbooks and digital resources, bringing the total annual state funding for textbooks to $73.9 million – a $71.4 million increase from the last Democrat-authored budget.
-Directs additional lottery funds toward grants to economically struggling, rural counties to assist with critical public school building needs.
-Maintains smaller class sizes in core academic subjects and keeps a new salary allotment for kindergarten through fifth grade program enhancement teachers – like music, art and physical education – beginning next school year.
-Increases funding to Eastern North Carolina STEM.
-Doubles the number of local school districts eligible to participate in the “TA to Teacher” program that helps teacher assistants receive training to become teachers.
-Protects the Read to Achieve, Teach for America, and Communities in Schools programs from being cut by the Department of Public Instruction.
-Allocates close to $15 million to community colleges for workforce training programs.
-Fully funds the N.C. Promise Program, which guarantees in-state undergraduate students at three schools across the state pay just $500 per semester for tuition.
-Includes new funding for medical education, including funding increases to the UNC School of Medicine’s Asheville campus.
-Increases funding for Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grants by more than $3 million to reduce the wait list.

Yes, North Carolina Republicans are preparing North Carolina for the Future.

I hope your choice at the Polls are Republicans and YOU help prepare North Carolina for the Future.

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