Gov. Cooper’s Destruction of McCrory’s Dog Monument has Animal Lovers Angry

Former Gov. Pat McCrory and his wife Ann were committed to doing whatever they could to support efforts to increase the health and safety of pets in North Carolina. On December 19, 2015 they even hosted a special event, “Make it a Merry Christmas for Homeless Pet’s in N.C.s Animal Shelters” at the Executive Mansion in Raleigh.

The mansion was filled with traditional Christmas ornaments, a military family Christmas tree made up with ornaments from military families, and a rescue Christmas tree hung with handmade decorations from shelters across North Carolina. It was quite a well-attended event.

Ann was also known for advocating for legislation that would require breeders to provide daily exercise, fresh water and food, and medical care for their dogs. Speaking at the Fur Ball in Blowing Rock, McCrory remarked later to the Blowing Rock News that, ”these puppy mills are everything except humane. The only purpose for these dogs’ existence (in the puppy mill) is to breed and produce a litter of puppies. They are kept caged up or chained up in small spaces, surrounded by their feces.”

Ann and the former Governor also have a dog name Mo, who spent a lot of time with the McCrorys at the Western residence in Asheville, N.C. Mo became a symbol of their work in trying to rescue and care for dogs in puppy mills throughout the state.

In order to honor Mo and the rescue work, a number of advocates of animal rescue efforts donated funds to put up a small sculpture and plaque of Mo on the grounds of the Western Residence. Other governors have also placed artwork on the grounds.

However, it seems that the current Governor Roy Cooper doesn’t share the same sentiments for mistreated animals that the former Governor and his wife did. This past week he had the small monuments that had been erected for Mo completely stripped down for no apparent reason, other than his dislike of them. No one seems to know even where these monuments are now.

Why he chose to make a mockery of a needful cause seems to have no answers.

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