Republicans Need a Courage Button

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Gracie Ballard, from Madison Middle School, shows courage on the basketball court, in spite of her size.

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That blurry picture above is of a young lady named Gracie Ballard. She plays basketball for Madison Middle School. May we suggest she has a pretty impressive courage button?

If you’re looking for a bravery role model, you can’t do much better than Gracie. What she lacks in size she more than makes up for with creativity, character – and – courage. She’s working to impede someone at least twice her size. Sort of reminds you of the Republican Party in Buncombe County.

Just like Gracie we’re faced with opponents who are twice our size. They enjoy persistent support by our two primary mainstream media outlets – most city churches, schools and minority groups – and hold dominant status in both city and county halls of governance. It’s easy to see why conservatives get discouraged in this David vs. Goliath reality.

If you’re one of those thus constrained, mind if we suggest a reset?

In truth Republicans and our conservative partners in good governance live in what the military calls a “target rich environment.” There is so much liberal conformity and habituation that conservative targeting can hardly miss.

Whether it’s a culture of good old boy/girl nepotism in Democrat controlled county government; LBGTQ flags being unfurled on City Hall; permitted topless exhibitionism in city parks; a drug-culture gone wild; or a march for women that’s remarkable for its degrading methods, message and misogyny – there’s no limits on opportunities in our community to reality check the left.

But there’s a problem – we’re not particularly good at it.

We have too many people who spend more time stimulating drama and fighting members of their own party than challenging the host of ‘Brand-X’ bad guys who appropriately merit that attention. We have too many people who have retreated to their recliner and FOX News, Facebook and their email box over actual hands on engagement with the real adversary.

Who’s that? It’s the folks actively working to dismantle America’s traditional success equation and foundation of Judaeo-Christian values and substitute what amounts to a political model of schizophrenia.

How’s that? Well, it begins with a definition of schizophrenia – “A mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception of expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction recognized through disorganized thinking, delusions or hallucinations.”

Sound familiar? Here are some examples of the schizophrenic left to jog your memory- (1) Relentlessly accusing others of being “haters” and then countering that claim with – wait for it – hate. (2) Hollywood and entertainment elitists turning out movies, games and music that celebrate misogyny, violence and hyper-sexualization and then wringing their hands when our culture acts out these scripts. (3) Liberal-progressives who accuse conservatives of stimulating violence and simultaneously celebrate and advocate violence against conservatives. (4) Those who constantly play the race card in a pretend attempt to counter racism. (5) Advocating 51 gender options when it is apparent that Mother Nature is encouraging most of us to work within the confines of two. (6) Socialists who seek to uplift the common man by making him more dependent on government.

We could go on and on, but you get the picture. There’s a reason you shake your head at so much of what you see and read. You’re not schizophrenic.

There’s an old adage that holds merit – if you wonder if you’re crazy you probably aren’t. Most progressive-liberal-socialists – like most schizophrenics – revealingly grant themselves immunity from questioning their rightness.

Final landing place? It takes courage to skip the Brand-X call for conformity and chaos. Our buddy Gracie offers a model of how. Asheville is where. Buncombe’s Republican Party is who.

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