An Armed Citizenry is a Powerful Citizenry

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By Carl Mumpower, Chair- The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution puts an exclamation point on American exceptionalism. Thanks to the timeless wisdom of the Founding Fathers, we are supported in our natural right to protect ourselves.

That’s really what the second amendment is about – protection. America is the only country in the world that firmly supports its law-abiding citizens in their right to bear arms as a means to doing so.

Republicans get this unique equation for citizen empowerment and we back it up with action.

That’s important because there a large number of elite minded social change agents who think the Founding Fathers were chumps and that civil societies do not need armed citizens.

That history clearly demonstrates otherwise doesn’t matter to these folks. That there are a lot of evil and damaged people in the world wishing us harm doesn’t matter either. They ignore the fact that our overstretched thin blue line is designed to respond to versus intercept crime. That good guys with a gun are usually the ones stopping bad guys with a gun and that firearms are used infinitely more often to prevent harm than create it are just inconvenient truths.

The Republican Party has many things to be proud of, but our 2nd Amendment dedications are a stand out. We understand that the Republican Party remains the only viable constraint on the left’s clear mission of dismantling the 2nd Amendment; disarming law-abiding citizens; and thereby making our world even more dangerous.

For a quick summary of our view, look no further than the NC Republican Party Platform found under the ‘Values’ section of our BuncombeGOP.org website. There, under Article III, Section 5 you will find the following language – “The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. We support the constitutional ownership, sale, purchase and carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Further, we support reducing the number of “gun-free zones”. Gun owners have a right to confidentiality. Personal information acquired by government agencies for gun purchases and permitting should be available to law enforcement for investigative purposes only and not for public record.”

That’s it – the Republican position is short and sweet. The left? Per usual, the seek to disarm the good guys while they empower the bad guys.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the gang warfare in Chicago – a city that has effectively banned gun rights for its citizenry. Each year armed black young men kill more of their peers in Chicago than all of the recorded lynching’s in America’s last century.

That doesn’t matter to liberal elitists. Having failed at every social re-engineering effort of the past fifty years, they clearly don’t let the silly notion of accountability get in their way.

The left operates like your average sugar addict. No amount of reason is going to derail the pursuit of their idea of social comfort food – a disarmed citizenry.

The pursuit of a foolish agenda unfortunately doesn’t make one a fool. These folks are smart. They talk about “reasonable” and “limited” gun control. To the uniformed and civic minded, this call for moderation seems prudent.

Unfortunately, in every first world country where constrained gun control has been initiated, the ultimate mission of a ban on private ownership has become the final landing place. Sugar addicts are rarely are satisfied with one bite of a donut.

That’s why the Republican Party speaks so persistently to enforcing the laws we have and expanding the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep their arms. We know the left’s control appetites are insatiable.

We’re Republicans for many reasons – insuring the individual and collective safety of our people tops the list. As Republicans, we believe in big people over big government and recognize that’s an A or B choice. We’re the ones who still believe in the word normal – and in supporting the only political movement capable of countering those who don’t.

If you are a 2nd Amendment enthusiast, we’re the only game in town.

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