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By Carl Mumpower, Chair- Buncombe Republican leadership is elected every two years. Our current officers began service in April. We’re all volunteers and we are all entrusted to build on the good works of our predecessors.

It’s a challenging charge – we sometimes forget that nothing good is easy in a hard world. It helps that we have a growing group of positive, passionate and principle driven people who understand that unity doesn’t require uniformity.

Together, we’re trying to do some good and important Republican things in Buncombe County. Is there a short list? Glad you asked – (1) Stay true to our Party’s Principles, Platform and Plan of Organization (2) Encourage and advocate for Republican candidates for elected office (3) Fund our activities and operations in responsible fashion (4) Encourage Republican voter registration and engagement (5) Insure a sincere and positive public image for our Party (6) Educate our community on the issues and where we stand on those issues (7) Assist our Republican elected officials in upholding their promises and our Party’s principles and platform (8) Conduct outreach efforts with minorities, disenfranchised voters and others with conservative values (9) Function effectively as the only viable political counter to our opposition: progressive-liberal-socialism (10) Assure the local Republican Party as a productive, dynamic and cohesive political force for reality, reason, responsibility and right.

It’s not a bad mission, but it’s a lot, and without volunteers, we can’t do any of it.

Our volunteers do some extra-special things. Over the Christmas weekend, a dozen Buncombe Republicans took up the challenge of serving as Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army. We covered two full days at Sam’s Club and raised over $2,600 for this faith-based charity. We’re going to do it again next year.

On January 1st we conducted an entirely volunteer First Responder support effort. We asked Buncombe’s 45,000 Republicans and our partners in good governance to step out on their porch at 6:00 pm with a flashlight – shine it up – and say a prayer for our firefighters, law enforcement personnel and emergency service specialists. The mission – “To let these men and women know we have their six.” It was a simple meaningful way to say thank you without fuss and fanfare. We’re going to do this one again next year too.

Our annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner – crafted entirely by volunteers – comes up in early April. We’re excited to have Lt. Dan Forest as our feature speaker. He’s special and we think the evening will be too. It won’t happen without a big bunch of unrewarded hands.

As we speak we’re in the process of raising volunteer support for our minority outreach effort. A piece of this initiative has us placing ads in community papers – like the Tribune – with a specific agenda of engaging with minorities. Buncombe County Republicans are serious about wanting to open our doors to all conservative minded people.

We’re also attempting to turn up the volume on the need for open debate on the issues. We’ve taken the lead in being willing to put our values and approach to the test. We hope that our opposition will find their own courage button and respond in kind. The more we talk in smart fashion the smarter we’ll all be.

In midst of these and other activities we’re also trying to create a more positive, encouraging and friendly inter-Party culture. Reaching out to volunteers is important. Making them feel welcome is crucial.

All this is to say that in the coming New Year we’ll need your help. In a time where seemingly everyone is willing to lend their voice, we’re going to be asking for hands.

Check out the news section on our BuncombeGOP.org website and you will see we’re sincere to our mission. All of it can be summed up on our B.C.G.O.P. volunteer button slogan— Keeping American Great!

We can’t do that without you. Please let us know if you’d like to help.

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