Media and political falsehoods about immigration: Propaganda images, immigrant crime and DACA

While the vast majority of Americans have had their wages and living standards suppressed by about five percent per year by this huge influx of immigration, there are those who have profited immensely from it. According to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), using National Academy of Science data for 2016, businesses and other organizations that use cheap foreign labor profit over $500 billion per year at the expense of middle class and blue collar wage earners. Harvard economist George Borjas had found similar results in a previous study. Besides this wage suppression, American employment opportunities are reduced as well. Democratic politicians and a significant minority of Republican politicians have turned a blind eye to this economic injustice. The Democrats also gain a growing welfare constituency that generally votes a straight Democratic Party ticket by factors of two to four to one. This political demographic does not bode well for Republicans or traditional conservative political, social, economic, and cultural values. Under President Obama, the nation was being driven hard to the left toward a demographic point of no possible return to the traditional values that made America secure, free, prosperous, and great.

The media, educational, and political classes have for three decades painted an over-glorified image of immigration and deliberately covered up the unjust economic and negative social consequences of corrupt immigration policies and practices. The cover up of crime statistics related to immigration has been particularly flagrant in smothering reality with a false narrative burying facts and logic and idealizing the recent immigrant population. In fact, it has made oppressive political correctness rather than truth the driver and measure of social acceptance, good will, and policy. It has resulted, of course, in public distrust and corrupt, unjust, and dangerous policy.

On January 25, 2017, shortly after his inauguration, President Trump signed Executive Order 13768 on Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States. Included in that order (Section 16) was a directive to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (HDS) to collect relevant data on immigrant non-citizen crime. Such collection and analysis was discouraged under the Bush and Obama Administration.

On December 21, that data began to appear in quarterly reports by the DOJ and DHS. According to the DOJ’s U.S. Commission on Sentencing, immigrant non-citizens, who make up about seven percent of the U.S. population, accounted for 21 percent of all Federal prisoners, a ratio of approximately three to one over U.S. citizens. They made up 22 percent of those held for murder, 18 percent held for fraud, 29 percent for drug trafficking, 33 percent for money laundering, and 72 percent for illegal drug possession. Ninety-four percent of these were illegal immigrants, while only about 30 percent of non-citizen immigrants are illegal. Thus these ratios are probably much worse for illegal aliens and more favorable for legal immigrants. This should dictate against the careless political use of massive amnesties, which some in Congress are relentlessly pushing for special interests and Democrat majorities. The data represents only Federal prisoners.

More than 90 percent of prisoners are held by state and local governments. These are still in the process of collection and analysis, but a 2011 report on Criminal Alien Statistics published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) at the request of Rep. Steve King (R,IA) and concerned Congressional Republicans indicated similar but higher results for state and local incarcerations. This included results available for state and local incarceration. The overall GAO study percent for non-citizen criminals showed at 27 percent. The three year study of nearly 2.9 million arrests found that immigration, drug related, and traffic violations accounted for 50 percent of crimes, but assault, larceny/theft, fraud, burglary, weapons violations, sex offenses, and robbery, totaled 863,000 or 30 percent. In addition there were over 25,000 homicides.

In the last 12 months ending November 2017, NCFire (North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement) has documented 747 child rapes or child assaults by 213 confirmed illegal aliens. Can any legislator or political leader with a moral conscience continue to ignore this?

One vital and telling statistic has been almost completely suppressed in idealizing illegal immigrant workers. According to CIS, of 8.2 million illegal immigrant workers in the U.S., 75 percent use false or stolen social security numbers. The other 25 percent do not report income. Identity theft and tax fraud are serious crimes, but corrupt media, special interests, and politics seem to have already given illegal immigrants amnesty for crimes that would call for fines and prison sentences for U.S. citizens. How can we possibly expect immigrants who violate our immigration laws and tax identity laws to be good future citizens?


The media, political, and donor classes are straining every nerve to convince the public that 690,000 DACA applicants all came here as innocent children and are ideal future citizens. Yet most came here in their early teens. Those coming here as old as sixteen are included in the DACA amnesty proposal. Many are already in their thirties. Most are from Mexico and should have little trouble re-adjusting to Mexican culture. Furthermore, this group bears a strong demographic resemblance to other illegal immigrants rather than an idealized hope for America. Only 49 percent of DACA applicants have a high school education. CIS reports that 24 percent of them are functionally illiterate. By August 2017, 2,100 DACA beneficiaries had already been pulled from the list for criminal convictions and gang affiliations. They are very similar to the demographic that, according to a 2013 Heritage Foundation study, costs American taxpayers over $14,600 per year per unlawful immigrant household in benefits and services in excess of all income, sales, and other taxes paid. Only about 800 are serving in the military. Despite all the raving praise and propaganda about DACA “dreamers,” few DACA applicants have undergone significant vetting. Passing DACA without extremely careful vetting of applicants would be terrible folly. Mexico is not hell and, in fact, has many pleasant amenities and opportunities. Congress should not indulge the emotional sentimentally that going back to Mexico is a terrible punishment.

DACA would be a terrible precedent expanding the already misinterpreted 14th Amendment birth-right citizenship clause to children as old as 16. Getting a child under 16 across the border would make them automatic citizens under current practice.

DACA children were brought here supposedly by their illegal immigrant parents, but giving a DACA amnesty would probably result in near automatic legal status and future citizenship for their parents, thus rewarding them for a crime. Encouraging lawlessness brings more of it.

Congress should not even consider a DACA amnesty until chain migration, the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, and birth-right citizenship are eliminated and E-Verify, border security, a 500,000 annual immigration limit, and a merit immigration system are completely in place and determined to be working well. The Graham-Durbin “Dreamer” Amnesty is far worse and should never be considered. Playing with amnesty is playing with fire that can destroy a nation’s security, prosperity, and culture. The safest choice is No Amnesty ever.

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He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University. A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He is a retired First Vice President for a major national financial services firm and former Chairman of the Board of a classical Christian school.

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