There is Great Shame in This Sham…

Chuck Edwards RS

Senator Chuck Edwards

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By Carl Mumpower – State Senator Chuck Edwards is the Raleigh Representative for Henderson, Transylvania and Buncombe Counties. He ran and was elected as a conservative and works to uphold his stated promises and our party’s affirmed principles and platform. He merits our support for his willingness to walk into the winds of a culture increasingly seduced by the false agendas of the left.

One of his recent principled stands has been the successful sponsorship of legislation to initiate district elections in Asheville.

The Senator and others have offered various explanations on motivations. The Buncombe County Republican Party would like to highlight a stand out — the left’s perpetual 7-0 monopoly on Asheville’s governing body.

Asheville’s liberal-progressive-socialist voting block has dominated city hall since the turn of the century. They have held that 7-0 super-monopoly for almost 10 years and just locked in another 2. Though they market ‘progress’ as their agenda – power is the sincere mission.

That’s wrong for so many reasons, but note the attention this extreme imbalance receives from their Brand-X factions and mainstream media outlets. How about the community activists who toss the term ‘fascists!’ about with the ease of one feeding popcorn to pigeons? Not a peep…

Those believing in representative governance should be alarmed at how the dangers of a 7-0 monopoly are so easily lost amidst Asheville’s patterned antagonism to diverse viewpoints.

We appreciate Senator Edwards for sponsoring and herding the only action with the potential to challenge Asheville’s ruling cartel. We especially appreciate his suggestion that the recent Asheville district election referendum was a “sham.”

It was that and more and it’s easy to prove. How can a governing body credibly initiate a vote that risks their power equation by handing the outcome to the same organized voting block that maintains that 7-0 monopoly? They can’t. The words sham, con or scam apply equally to this masqueraded enterprise in community manipulation.

And so, on behalf of the 45,000 registered Republicans in Asheville and Buncombe County – and our many partners in good governance – we would like to say “thank you” Senator Edwards. We appreciate your courage button.

Though the final outcome has yet to be determined, you have secured your standing as one of the few people in our community with the character and pluck to address the obvious. Asheville’s emperors have no clothes – and far too many smart people are shamefully ignoring that sham.

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