Christian Genocide in Syria: The Works of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, & the Muslim Brotherhood



In my April 12 Tribune Papers (NC) and Times Examiner (SC) article I asked: “What about the 1.7 million Christians in Syria?” In my May 10 article, I summarized the Armenian and Greek genocides perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire and Nationalist Turkish regimes from 1900 to

1923 that killed 3.5 to 4.3 million Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Maronite, and other Christians.

I knew when I wrote these articles that the number of Syrian Christians had certainly been reduced from 1.7 million by the savage attrition of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s several affiliates in Syria and by the exodus of those fleeing the economic devastation and acute suffering and dangers of civil war. Two big questions are how many Syrian Christians are left in Syria and what has been their fate of the rest?  The third big question is what will be the fate of the Christians remaining in Syria, if the predominantly radical Sunni Muslim rebels take power? The answer to the third question is obvious to those who know the tenets of salafist (fundamentalist and revivalist) Sunni Islam. The Christians along with their moderate Alawite Shia Muslim allies and other minorities must flee, convert to fundamentalist Islam, or die.

According to ADF (Alliance for Defending Freedom) International, the number of Christians in Syria was already down to 1.25 million at the beginning of the “civil war” in 2011, but now it is down to as low as 500,000. It also estimated that in 2015 alone, over 700,000 Syrian Christians sought refuge in other countries. But where are they now?  They are not in the United States or Western Europe. According to 2016 U.S. government statistics, the Obama Administration admitted 12,587 refugees from Syria. Of these, 12,486 were Muslims [probably nearly all Sunni Muslims], 68 were Christians, and 24 were Yazidis. Similarly, various surveys of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe are more than 96 percent Sunni Muslim and less than one percent Christian.

No one seems to know how many Christian civilians have been murdered or massacred by ISIS and the equally anti-Christian branches of Al-Qaeda, which constitute a substantial majority of the rebel forces trying to defeat the Assad regime and Syrian government forces. The mainstream media pretend there is no Syrian Christian Genocide, but it is reasonable to estimate that its extent is already far more than 100,000. Most of the mainstream media prefer to characterize the “Syrian Genocide” as the Assad regime’s attacks on its own civilian population. This is woeful ignorance and an enormous exaggeration and distortion of the truth.

It is necessary to know the background of the so-called “Syrian Civil War” to understand what is happening in Syria.  It is really just an extension of long term efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood and their Sunni Muslim salafist cadres to remove secular or moderate Muslim leaders in the Middle East from power and replace them with revivalist Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  This is what the “Arab Spring” of 2011 was all about, including removing long-term U.S. allies like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  Muslim Brotherhood expansion usually begins with duping the liberals and most corrupt and bribable capitalists. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry either embraced this Muslim Brotherhood strategy or were perfect dupes. The Brotherhood should have petro-dollars as well as swords on their emblem. The Brotherhood’s goal is global Islamic dominance and Sharia Law.  Jihad is a major Islamic and Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, but there are many steps and kinds of Jihad including bribery, blackmail, immigration, cultural and political agitation, terrorism, false flag violence, and propaganda. The Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya allows and encourages Muslims to deceive non-Muslims both in the defense and advance of Islam.

Syria was an especially prominent target for the Muslim Brotherhood, because it is ruled by a Shia Muslim minority, the Alawites, who are heretically moderate, according to Sunni doctrinal standards and Sharia Law. Most flagrant of their heresies is their political alliance and protective relationship to the Christian minority. Bashar Assad is a somewhat secularized Alawite. He has continued a policy of protecting Christians, but because of his pressing struggle against salafist Sunni and ISIS rebels, he has been inattentive to the recent sufferings of Christians. Assad has been so demonized by the mainstream media based largely on the propaganda of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations like CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) that any actions attributed to him by the media must be evaluated with extreme care.  For example, according to Robert Spencer, author of several books on the Middle East and Islam and an International Business Times article by Tareq Haddad on April 7, the UK doctor who documented the recent suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria was found by British MI6 International Intelligence to have been previously charged with terror offenses in the UK and was believed to be a dedicated Jihadist. The truth about the chemical weapons attacks in Syria is thus not clear. Whatever the truth, if Assad is replaced by anyone sympathetic to the numerous Jihadic passages of the Koran and Traditions (Sunna) of Muhammad, the Christians and Alawite Muslims in Syria would be in extreme danger of genocide comparable to the Armenian and Greek Genocides of 1914 through 1923.  As a point of important information about Islam, only about two percent of the Jihadic passages in the Koran and Sunna are about spiritual struggle, and the context of these connects them to preparation for the struggle to advance Islam by whatever deception or violent means are necessary.

Another point that must be understood is that most refugee camps in the Middle East are run by the United Nations, which has become heavily influenced by the 57 UN members of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The UN is doing the “vetting” for our refugee program. Christians are frequently abused by Muslim refugees in UN refugee camps but one-third of the complaints (if dared) are against UN staff of Sunni Muslim origin. Complaints include discrimination in refugee and asylum applications, sexual harassment, assault, rape, bullying, beatings, and death threats.  UN refugee camps are thus a living hell for Christians, Yazidis, and even moderate Muslims.

According to several German pastors, the German government discriminates against Christian refugees, denying them asylum, even though they are the most severely persecuted and endangered refugees in their home countries. European refugee camps frequently give little protection to them against assault and abuse by Muslim refugees.

President Trump is now aware of the discrimination against Christian refugees and promises to correct this situation. This may be why he has increased the refugee settlement potential numbers rather than reducing them.  He must now also realize the truth about the Syrian Civil War. Except for the Kurds and a few minor organizations, the Syrian rebel forces are basically Al-Qaeda fronts and ISIS, who are the mortal enemies of Christians, America, the West, moderation, and any who oppose the Supremacy of Islam. A substantial Christian genocide is already underway in Syria, but a Sunni Rebel government in Syria would mean massive genocide, enormous refugee problems, and a deep moral stain on American honor and integrity.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR   –  Mike Scruggs, Author and Columnist

a.k.a. Leonard M. Scruggs

 Mike Scruggs is the author of two books: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths; and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You, and over 600 articles on military history, national security, intelligent design, genealogical genetics, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.

He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University. A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He is a retired First Vice President for a major national financial services firm and former Chairman of the Board of a classical Christian school.

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