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NCAA, ACC, and Others Prove They are Sexist Organizations

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The NCAA as well as the ACC and the CEO of Red Ventures and others have now proven they are at heart sexist operations by taking a stand against North Carolina Law HB2. The have little if any respect for women, their rights, or privacies. HB2 was mainly designed to prevent any man who said he felt like a woman from going into the ladies room or ladies showers simply because he said he felt like he was a woman. This position is the moral and intelligent stand to take.

If you were standing next to a ladies room or ladies showers, and your eight year old daughter had just walked in there when a male also enters the same facility, I suppose you would just stand there and hope your daughter would be ok. Would you really? How can anyone in their right mind declare that this is the way we should treat women?

The NCAA, the ACC and other politically correct corporate decision makers just don’t seem to care much about women or their safety, and they have definitely proved it with their retaliatory actions against North Carolina. It is a disgraceful position to have taken, and all of them should be ashamed.


In case you would like just a few examples of why this is a horrible idea, I reference them below:

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