Petition Calls For No Refugees In Buncombe County

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Letter to the Editor- In wake of Congressman Mark Meadows Town Hall meeting, a group of concerned citizens have started a petition drive calling for no refugees in Buncombe County.

At the meeting Congressman Meadows stated that reports say the terrorist group ISIS have infiltrated refugee groups and there is no veting on behalf of the FBI or Homeland Security because they have no US intelligence or background information on the refugees from their own countries.

Citizens Against Refugees In Buncombe organizer Chad Nesbitt said, “There is no way of knowing if any of these refugees are terrorists, sex offenders, or have a criminal past.”

Henderson County elected officials stopped a contractor that was trying to bring refugees to their county by letting them know they were not wanted there and cited safety concerns.

Chad Nesbitt said, “Asheville City Council wants the refugees and our cowardly Buncombe County Commissioners never say anything until the community starts complaining. I’m tired of our elected officials putting their personal agendas ahead of the safety of the citizens. They need to look at the daily news reports of refugee horror coming from France and Germany and ask themselve’s would they chance that in Western North Carolina.”

One of the criteria the US State Department and the refugee contractor has to have is affordable housing in the area of relocation. Buncombe County does not meet the criteria.

“All one has to do is pick up a real-estate magazine to see that Buncombe County has some of the highest housing rates in the state,” said Danny Radcliff another organizer for the group.

Chad Nesbitt said, “If the refugees are allowed to come here the contractor will leave them after three to six months and bring more refugees to Buncombe County. The refugees left here, after the contractors leave, would be living off the local tax payers for the cost of their health care, housing, and other expenses. Our county commissioners have not even addressed the impact the refugees would have on the local tax payers. Our school system can’t handle the impact. Class sizes would be bigger, interpreters would have to be hired, and so would extra teachers.”

Citizens Against Refugees In Buncombe believes in helping the refugees but help them in their own country with military and humanitarian relief. The safety of Americans is first.

The group plans on educating the public about their cause and will present their petition soon to commissioners and city council.

For more information call 828-216-0147

Citizens Against
Refugees In Buncombe

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