Questioning ‘gay’ lessons gets 4-year-old booted from preschool


R.B. Sinclair of Aurora told the Denver Post her daughter was thrown out of Montview preschool and kindergarten.

“I think at this age they don’t know what bias is,” she told the newspaper. “They could have kids from Mars and they would still play with each other. It’s not that she isn’t exposed to diversity, because it is the world we live in, but how are they having these conversations?”

The disagreement arose when the girl’s parents “raised questions about books read in their class, including ones that told the stories about same-sex couples and worms unsure about their gender,” the report said.

Sinclair wanted to opt her daughter out of what she viewed as sex education.

But school officials, who boast on their website that they embrace “diversity and inclusion as essential to a balanced education,” had no tolerance for any deviation from their curriculum.

Sinclair said one day her daughter came home and was “worried that her dad might no longer like girls,” the report said.

A meeting with the school followed and two days later Sinclair “was handed a letter saying it was the girl’s last day in school and that the situation was ‘not a good fit.’”

She explained that her daughter is fully familiar with a diverse community as part of a biracial family and “has grown up with Muslim and Western culture,” the report said.

“There was no consideration for the bias against my family’s culture, faith and concerns,” Sinclair said of the school, which charges up to nearly $800 a month for kindergarten attendance and lower fees for preschool.

The report said the school dispatched a letter from parent Lance Rushton, a consultant for “inclusion and diversity.”

The letter instructed parents regarding how they should talk with children about books.

Rushton said everyone must be included, regardless of their gender, gender identity, color of skin, cultural identity, religious belief, worldview, age, body type, bodily ability, mental ability, family structure or economic status.

He suggested parents find books that interest their child but screen them for diversity and “an inclusive moral lesson.”

“Pick books that focus on different family structures, belief systems, cultural values and understandings, social position, historical trauma or economic circumstances,” the consultant advised.

The school, which is closed for spring break, didn’t respond to the Post or WND for comment.

WND reported in 2013 an organization in Scotland was delivering DVDs to every primary school to teach children about “alternative families.”

In 2009, WND reported Judge Frank Roesch of California’s Alameda Superior Court refused permission for parents to opt their elementary-age children out of a mandatory pro-homosexual curriculum, calling them bigots and refusing to recognize their right to have their own beliefs.

Similar disputes have arisen around the world, including in Estonia, Hong Kong and Finland.

Five years ago, California approved a law requiring that schools promote homosexuality and other alternative sexual lifestyles to children without even telling parents. Critics declared government schools no longer are morally safe for children.

WND reported at the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term in the White House his selection to head the U.S. Office of Safe Schools, Kevin Jennings, had recommended X-rated sex writings for children as young as preschoolers.

One of the earliest fights over the issue flared in 2006, when a Lexington, Massachusetts, couple expressed outrage when they learned their second-grade son was read a fantasy book in school about two princes getting married.

The teacher told the parents that because same-sex “marriage” was legal in their state, they could not opt out their child.

“We are outraged,” parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin told the local Article 8 Alliance. “This is a highly charged social issue. Why are they introducing it in the second grade? And we cannot present our family’s point of view to our children if they don’t tell us what they’re saying to them.”

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