Asheville Supporters Demonstrate in Favor of HB2 Bathroom Bill

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Banner shows some of the transgender arrests in NC for indecent exposures and indecent liberties with children

A support rally for the HB2 bill was held at the Vance monument in Asheville, North Carolina last Saturday was led by two local pastors, Andrew Sluder and Randy Kener, former candidate for Buncombe County Commissioner Jordan Burchette, and former Chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party Chad Nesbitt. The North Carolina legislatures and Governor Pat McCrory enacted HB2 in response to the Charlotte City Council’s ordinance that allowed men into women’s bathrooms and shower facilities.

Lead organizer of the rally Pastor Andrew Sluder said, ”This bill protects all citizens across NC. It keeps school locker rooms safe from the possibility of sexual predators. It is sad that things like this must be brought to the table for discussion, but I thank God for our legislators, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor McCrory for passing this bill.”

There were approximately 60 people that attended the rally. Attendees were carrying signs that said, “Pray for our state” and “Thank you Governor for keeping families safe.”

Co-organizer of the HB2 support rally, Chad Nesbittt said, “As ridiculous as a bathroom law may seem, there are people out here that push their agenda on the public no matter what kind of harm or discrimination it brings to women and children. If any law is wrongly discriminatory, it is the bad ordinance passed by the Charlotte City council. It created controversy across our great state and discriminates against women and children by making public restrooms unsafe for them. The Democrats are having a hissy fit over HB2 because they claim it is discriminatory to transgender people, but HB2 discriminates against no one who identifies as LGBT. The law merely sets conditions of behavior for safe public bathroom use for everyone.”

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Opponents to HB 2 demonstrated as well

The support rally attendees held a long banner with mugshots of transgender people that were arrested in the past 6 months in NC. There were 268 arrests with the majority being arrested for indecent exposure, prostitution, peeping, and indecent liberties with minors. ( Nesbitt said, “These arrests are all public record. The opposition wants people to believe that no transgender people are perverted sexual predators and should be able to go into any men’s or woman’s bathroom facility they identify with, but the truth is there are perverts in every race, religion, and gender out here and transgender people are no exception.” Take a look at the website listed above.

As the rally came to a close, the attendees walked the banner to the front of the Vance Monument and sang Victory In Jesus while approximately 100 protestors of HB2 mocked and made fun of them from across the street.

Chad Nesbitt said, “I don’t trust Asheville City Council or the Buncombe County Commissioners. One city council member has already called for a government version of “civil disobedience.” That would be a major legal mistake and would cost the taxpayers millions. These elected officials need to uphold the law of keeping women and children safe or resign.”

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