Looming Jihad against the West

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Why Are Our Leaders So Blind and Complacent?

In early November 2015, the Arab Center for Research and Policy studies, released a poll that indicated 13 percent of Syrian Refugees in Europe support the Islamic State (ISIS). A Pew poll taken in the spring of 2015 showed an average support for four other key Muslim countries (Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey, and Pakistan) at 6.5 percent. It is interesting and alarming that the support among refugees supposedly fleeing from ISIS is double that of some of the more militant Muslim countries. The 13 percent ISIS sympathy among Syrian refugees is particularly important, because ISIS is by far the most unpopular terrorism group in the Middle East, owing to its extreme brutality. Furthermore, Islamists are by no means inclined to tell the truth about their intentions. We can be sure that 13 percent support for ISIS is in the lower range of probabilities.

In vetting Middle Eastern refugees, however, should we consider support for the most fanatical terrorist group the only measure of risk? David French, writing for National Review, has suggested a tier of several levels of undesirability in a pyramid of potential threats. My own scaling of five levels of immigration and refugee risks would have this order from most dangerous to least dangerous: Level 5, probable active terrorisst; Level 4, terrorist sympathizers; Level 3, Sharia supporters; Level 2, negative social compatibility factors; and Level 1, minimal risks.

We are dealing, of course, with category levels that can easily slide. Terrorist sympathizers can easily move up the scale to active terrorist. Most Sharia supporters have basic social and cultural incompatibility with Western Civilization. Terrorists and terrorist sympathizers are almost always also Sharia supporters. In addition, Sharia supporters believe in executing people who leave Islam, homosexuals, and people who insult Muhammad, and adhere to cruel punishments for theft and other crimes. Most important, Sharia supporters want to replace national laws and governments with Islamic Law (Sharia) and exclusively Islamic leadership. Western governments lose their viability bit by bit as Sharia is implemented bit by bit. When you have national Sharia Law, and all your banks are Sharia Finance Compliant, you have completely lost your country. An Anti-Defamation League poll of Middle Eastern Muslims found that 55 percent were strongly anti-Jewish. This is an example of an undesirable hostility to American and European culture, designated a Level 2 risk. Level 1 is a level that is not infringed upon by any characteristics of Levels 2-5 and could thus be rated as minimal risk. Only Level 1 should be eligible for refugee or immigrant admission.

A further problem is that it is almost impossible to vet candidates from any Middle Eastern Muslim country, in fact most Muslim countries. But until we can do that vetting, we should not put the security of American people at risk. Some politicians are talking like the vetting needed could be in place within a couple of months. That is extremely unrealistic. A moratorium on most Muslim immigration is urgently needed, and it is going to take at least two to three years to implement thorough vetting, which should never be waived.

Looking at polls of Muslims in Europe and America, one gets a feeling that we are allowing an Islamic Fifth column to replace Western Civilization. National leaders like U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Leader Mtich McConnell, and several Presidential candidates seem to have some other agenda besides American sovereignty, national security, public safety, Constitutional liberty, and prosperity.

There have been disturbing poll numbers regarding American Muslims over the last few years. The Wenzel Strategic Poll released in October 2012 indicated 12 percent of American Muslims want to make blasphemy against Islam or Muhammad punishable by death. Thirty-two percent want to make Sharia Law the Supreme Law of the land. Fifty-eight percent of Muslim Americans want to make criticism of Islam unconstitutional. Forty-three percent believe people of other faiths should not be allowed to evangelize Muslims. A Vancouver Sun poll this year indicated that 42 percent of Canadian Muslims believe that Western Civilization and Islam are not compatible. The Terrorism Research Institute found approximately 81 percent of U.S. and Canadian mosques expose their members to moderate to radical exhortations to violence in behalf of Islam.

A 2010 Center for Social Cohesion poll in 2010 found that 40 percent of British Muslims want Sharia Law. According to a just released article in the Flemish language HLMBE News and Sport website, 16 percent of young Belgian Muslims believe terrorism is “acceptable.” According to a Populus Poll in 2006, 16 percent of British Muslims believe suicide attacks are justified to defend Islam. A Center for Security Policy poll released in 2013 revealed that 19 percent of American Muslims say violence is justified to make Sharia the Supreme Law of the United States. Sixty-six percent disagreed.

A recent Anti-Defamation League poll found strong anti-Jewish sentiments to be high among Western European Muslims: 68 percent in Belgium, 62 percent in Spain, 56 percent in Germany and Italy, and 54 percent in the U.K. It was 74 percent among Middle Eastern and North African Muslims.

Increasing Muslim immigration and refugees would be nation-destroying folly. Congress must wake up, understand the threat, and take action to prevent already looming tragedy.

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