Lessons from Paris


Lessons from Paris: The Islamic War against Western Civilization

On Friday, November 13, Islamic terrorists brutally murdered 129 people, wounding at least 352 others with automatic AK-47 rifles firing into crowds of civilians at six different Paris locations. All eight attackers were either killed by French police or blew themselves up. On Saturday morning, French President Francois Hollande described this bloody terrorist atrocity as “an act of war by the Islamic State, planned from outside.” The Socialist Party President promised that France “will be merciless toward the barbarians of the Islamic State group.” ISIS responded that “the smell of death would never leave” France “as long as they lead the convoy of the Crusader campaign.” Amen to President Hollande’s promise to act with merciless deadly force against these merciless barbarians, who trained in Syria and entered France hidden among thousands of refugees.

The first responsibility of government is to provide order and security to its people. Surely in the case of such inhuman barbarity against defenseless civilians, government should not spare the sword.

The first priority of the United States, France, and other NATO and allied powers should be to destroy ISIS in detail, making ample use of devastating airpower, missiles, and artillery. This alliance should preferably include Russia, who has a common interest with the West in this regard. Every rabid ISIS mad dog that survives is a mortal danger to every man, woman, and child on earth and civilization itself.

We must realize, however, that many Western leaders in Europe and the United States have left the door wide open to the bloody ravage and murder of their people by terrorists and other criminals. Security measures are important, but our principal undoing is that we have spiritually and mentally disarmed ourselves with an unholy infatuation with multiculturalism and a curious deprecation of our own Judeo-Christian based cultures. Why have European leaders foolishly allowed an invasion of their countries by Muslim populations whose Quranic and Muhammadan doctrines are hostile to Western civilization and justify violence, rape, and murder to advance the cause of Islam? Our survival depends upon rejecting the happy-clappy insanity of multiculturalism and facing the real nature of Islam. The Quran and the teachings of Muhammad, the sacred foundational documents of Islam, call for extermination or humiliating enslavement of those who will not embrace Islam as the only true religion. Yet most Western leaders have insisted that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. This contradicts the Quran, the teaching and example of Muhammad, and 1,400 years of history. It contradicts the violence and conflict everywhere Islam touches other civilizations.

The West needs to open its eyes wide to the true nature of Islam and take appropriate defensive actions. We cannot let immigration and disordered concepts of tolerance be the sacred cows that destroy Western civilization.

Saving Western civilization will require flushing the destructive social fads of multiculturalism, diversityism, relativism, and uncritical tolerance along with their totalitarian enforcement mechanism of political correctness down a very deep toilet. We are not going to survive, if we let political correctness bully us out of common sense and the political courage to speak the truth necessary to save ourselves from social chaos and national suicide. Our elected officials and our business and educational leaders, spurred by a firm and relentless determination of voters and taxpayers, need to make a sharp change of course, returning to the traditional values that have blessed and prospered Western civilization. In the United States, this should start with reading the riot act to college administrators who will not stand up against mob government of our universities.

Great nations have a responsibility for peace that smaller nations cannot fulfill. No man is an island, and no country can be an island socially and economically disconnected from the rest. Neither isolationism nor pacifism is a workable or Christian path to peace. Great military and economic power should not be used for imperialism, bullying, or unwanted interference with smaller peaceful nations. These powers come with serious responsibilities and divine accountability. Destroying ISIS is now one of the common responsibilities we own in alliance with other nations, including not only Western European powers but also Russia.

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