Pro-police rally organizers get backlash after rally cancelled

Chad Nesbitt RSRS

Chad Nesbit

According to Chad Nesbit and Carl Mumpower some of their support base was angered when the two decided to cancel their rally when Activists from the LGBTQ community announced that they would counter protest the pro-police rally at the same time the pro-police rally would be held.

“I had been blessed with my fill of conservative armchair quarterbacks critiquing our actions without any understanding of the circumstance,” said Mumpower about the response from supporters of the pro-police rally. “At this point my patience with the selective efforts and principles of Asheville’s conservative community are worn a bit thin.”

Mumpower added, “It is telling that most every voice of criticism has stepped over our final request – sending a note of thanks to their local law enforcement agency. Had conservative stalwarts embraced that mission over trying to perfect our efforts, the impact for our police could have been far more significant and less risky than a 30 minute rally amidst a parade of lesbians with signs saying, ‘F—k the police.'”

“The decision to cancel was soley based on safety concerns of the police officers’ families. After we announced we were having the rally the gay anarchists threatened to spit and instigate violence at the rally,” said Nesbitt. “Children and elderly family members of police officers were to be at our rally. There was no way we were going to allow children to be in danger. We did the right thing.”

“As you know Carl and I have never backed away from a fight and we have fought for conservative and moral issues for years. We did not back away from this rally. We pulled a fuse from a bomb. If those crazies spit on those police officers families there would have been a huge fight,” Nesbitt said.

But the most disappointing part of the cancellation came when there was a backlash from the twos support base (see comments on this page).

“There were some Facebook posts, phone calls, and emails from our conservative friends who said we should have never backed down. Some even called us cowards,” said Nesbitt. “It pissed us off and we dished it back at them. Carl and I stand by what we did and stand by whatever smart aleck remark to conservatives that disagreed with us because they did not know what we knew was coming.”

Not happy about pro-police rally either way

Editor’s warning: The following is very lewd and obscene.

Here is a sample of remarks from supporters of the rally on Facebook and emails to pro-police rally organizer Carl Mumpower upon learning that the rally had been cancelled:

“Why don’t you cowboy the f–k up you cowards? If you are going to support the police then support them. Don’t start something and not finish it.”

“Very disappointed you did not carry out your rally at a time when deputies need a moral boost.”

“In the sense that their activity [LGBTQ community] stopped yours, they will interpret it as a win and be fraudulently encouraged to keep up their thwarting of honest conservative efforts to make valid points publicly. That’s the part I don’t like.”

“AS a Republican The tail didn’t wag the dog the dog ran off don’t every give in to minority !!!!!”

“I understand the not wanting confrontation.. that is why the progressives run the town.. If ya start something.. don’t back down..”

Here is a sample of remarks from what Mumpower says are anarchists on the phone to him about the pro-police rally:

“You f–kin racist breeder! I’m gonna shoot my c-m down the throat of a pig cops kid. F–k you and Mumpower.”

“Should I bring my hoodie? How about a rope? We can string’em up on the monument.”

“I think cops should be butt f–ked hard. They might like it.”

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