County Loses Big Time in 2014 General Election


You ask what did Buncombe Country lose by not reelecting Tim Moffitt and Nathan Ramsey? Let’s look at Tim Moffitt which “During his freshman term, Representative Moffitt was singularly responsible for the comprehensive reform of North Carolina’s long-standing annexation laws and he was the primary sponsor of 28 other bills. So far this session, Representative Moffitt has co-sponsored 289 bills and was the primary sponsor of 118 bills, 45 of which are now state law. He was also a chief architect of the General Assembly’s historic Tax Reform and Regulatory Reform legislation this year. For these and his many other efforts, Representative Moffitt was ranked among his colleagues as the #1 Most Effective legislator of both the House and the Senate this year.” – http://nchouse116.com/about-tim/. To see the 289 bills Representative Moffitt co-sponsered visit:http://www.ncleg.net/gascripts/members/reports/introducedBills.pl?nUserID=623&Chamber=H.

Representative Moffitt’s website http://nchouse116.com was one of the best in research and explanation of bills people could use to help them in understanding the work of Legislature.

Now, let’s look at Nathan Ramsey “Before he was elected to the House, Representative Ramsey served eight years as Chairman of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, where he served the citizens of Buncombe County on countless boards and commissions, including the Buncombe County Farm Bureau, the Blue Ridge Mental Health Authority, the Buncombe County Board of Health, Buncombe County Smart Start, Children First, Partners in Education, the Asheville Buncombe Drug Commission, Asheville Buncombe Vision, the Buncombe County Audit Committee, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Buncombe County Economic Development Coalition, Asheville HUB, French Broad MPO,the Community Energy Advisory Committee, and the Regional Water Authority of Asheville, Buncombe, and Henderson Counties. Representative Ramsey has also also served as the co-chair of the Legislative Goals Committee of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, and as a member of the United Way’s Peaks Development Committee and United Way Highland Circle.” – http://nchouse115.com/bio/. Representative Ramsey sponsored or co-sponsored 264 bills 2013-2014 Session. To see the bills visit:


Buncombe Country lost two hard working representatives with lots of knowledge looking to do the work that was needed to put North Carolina on the track of good government, and fiscal responsibility.

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