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North Carolina needs Tillis in DC


Dear Editor, The Senate race in North Carolina is the most important election in our State this year. Senator Hagan has been and will continue to be a rubber stamp Senator for President Obama and Harry Reid 96% of the time if she is elected. More than 20 million dollars has been poured into our State from outside to get her elected. We have a Senator who represents an unpopular President more often than she does the people in her State? The Senator we elect is suppose to represent us, not the President.

Thom Tillis has helped Governor McCrory get our Carolina unemployment rate down to 6.9%. Our State’s tax laws were among the highest in the South. Thom Tillis and Governor McCrory changed that. Without the Reid/Obama campaign money this Senate race would not be close. Any person who is unemployed should vote for Thom Tillis. He has played a big part in reducing the unemployment rate in North Carolina from 9.8% to 6.7%. We need t two Senators who will represent the people in North Carolina, not just one. It should not be a tough choice to decide who the other Senator should be.

Jim Mueller

Glenville, NC

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