Re-election of Lisa Baldwin Crucial



The upcoming election cycle will be pivotal, not just for our nation and state but locally as well. Because there is nothing more important than our children and school system, the re-election of Lisa Baldwin to the Buncombe County School Board is crucial. In spite of unfair and unreasonable treatment she received, which was publicized in the media, Lisa has endeavored to bring a stronger voice for parents and taxpayers to the Board.

She introduced effective, innovative concepts to improve Board operation. There is still much to be done, especially regarding transparency, accountability and internal financial controls.

Important are Lisa’s efforts to assure our schools are safer and healthier. Past hiring and contracting sometimes lacked the proper permitting and oversight. There is ample evidence of the need for her to “rock the boat” a bit to help our school system be the best it can be.

Please review information about her extensive experience, her accomplishments and her ideas on her web site: I encourage you to re-elect Lisa Baldwin to the Buncombe County School Board.

Lary Schulhof, M.D.

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