Letters to the editor

Reflections on Lady Thatcher


By Rep Charles Taylor –

“The funeral of Margaret Thatcher was beautiful, moving, just right,” so said Peggy Noonan, author and former speech writer for Ronald Reagan. At the funeral, Margaret Thatcher’s coffin stood directly over the crypts that hold the tombs of Nelson and Wellington in St. Paul’s. I had the great pleasure of knowing Lady Thatcher. The times we talked we talked facts. I never heard her offer excuses or blame others for mistakes. I never heard her say she did not know what was going on during her administration.

According to Michael Gore, Prime Minister David Cameron’s Minister of Education, Margaret Thatcher saw economics as the “instincts and values of human beings, their sense of justice and rightness.” She did not try to buy popularity by giving everyone who had a pulse food stamps or disability. But today she would be turning the cabinet upside down to find those who used the IRS to carry out their vengeance on their supposed enemies.

The liberal press could say nothing good about her, only that she was “divisive”. Nothing good about her saving the British economy by leveling the union stranglehold over the country, or joining a President and a Pope in bringing an end to the Soviet Union, or being the first female and the longest serving Prime Minister.

The White House embarrassed itself by not sending a “delegation of high-level current office holders.” They probably thought there might be some hostile crowd from the left. They were right about the crowd, but not hostile. People stood 30 deep in the sidewalk along the funeral route. Lady Margaret Thatcher never won a Nobel Peace prize, which probably says more about the award than it does about Lady Thatcher, but among the massive quiet crowds, a man held a sign that said, “But we loved her”. Perhaps people in England, as around the world, are beginning to realize what is real and what is fake.

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