NC Representatives take on reforms and regulations


By Catherine Hunter –

North Carolina Representatives Tim Moffitt and Nathan Ramsey say it’s time to look at reforming an outdated government system. The two North Carolina House of Representatives members are taking on regulations and taxes as they begin this year in office.

“We need to reduce personal and corporate taxes to be competitive with surrounding states,” said Moffitt who explained that the current tax structure was based on a 1930’s and 1940’s model.

According to Moffitt, the current tax structure is designed for a manufacturing economy that arose out of the great depression. He said since today’s economy is based more on a service industry, the tax structure needs to be modernized to reflect current trends.

“The state has done fairly well managing through recent tough times,” agreed Ramsey. “But North Carolina needs to modernize its tax structure.”

Moffitt said conversations would be broad at first to include many possible ideas. He did not comment on the ideas of the Fair or Flat Tax, beyond saying it was possible those ideas could be included in the conversation.

“Some systems work better on a federal than a state model,” he added.

In addition to looking at tax reform, Moffitt is preparing to take over as chair of the regulatory committee.

“Regulatory reform is about much more than the environment,” said Moffitt who added that it’s also about how regulations are strangling businesses.

Moffitt said while he is working hard to get familiar with the current regulatory issues, he wants to look at the state’s administrative procedures and how they make the rules from the state to the local levels.

“We need to time out regulations that don’t make sense and rigorously test proposed regulations,” he said.

Ramsey agreed they needed to take a close look at what was working and what wasn’t.

“We want an equitable, fair tax system that provides the state with what it needs and is fair to the people,” Moffitt said.

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