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Playhouse important to County, needs fixing

By Mark White –

There is no doubt that Flat Rock Playhouse plays a vital role in the important tourism industry of Henderson County. The Rock has drawn visitors to Henderson County for many years and should continue to draw many more visitors.

There must be a problem at the Rock. This problem must be addressed and fixed. There are many capable Board Members serving The Rock that I am sure could fix the problem if they understood what the problem was.

Members of the Board include Governor Beverly Perdue, Rep Chuck McGrady, Sen Peter Brunstetter, Sen Daniel Clodfetter, Rep Phillp Haire, Flat Rock Mayor Bob Staton, Retired County Commissioner Bill Moyer and his wife, Dot Moyer, and many community members including lawyers, doctors business people, philanthropists, and even my high school English teacher, Tom Orr. I am satisfied that these good folks just do not know what the problem is because if they did, I am sure they would fix it.

There are many accusations as to what the problems are. Local folks are concerned about the profane language and the risque plays that are being produced. One only has to look at the front cover of the playbill for the Christmas play “The Nutcracker” to understand this concern. I am sure that the good folks on the board that have seen this cover are asking questions about that.

Others are concerned that the old stand by play of days gone by are not being produced. The plays that you could take your parents, your preacher, and your grand-kids to. Folks are concerned that the playhouse is trying to produce plays that are not inviting to all the patrons that have been loyal to the Rock for decades.

Still others are concerned that the playhouse has turned into a big business with lots of full time employees. Just a few years ago, there were only a few full time employees, now I am told that there are over 20.

Others are concerned that the actors that were known by patrons for years and years are not hired to do shows. One of these actors, Michael Edwards, wrote a letter to the patrons of the Rock that is included in this printing.

The list of concerns goes on and on.

There are several things I am certain of 1. There is a definite problem at the Flat Rock Playhouse. 2. The Playhouse needs to remain a viable tourist attraction. 3. These good folks on the Board need to address ALL the concerns the patrons of the playhouse have and fix them. 4. The other thing that I am sure of is that the government does not need to step in and fix their problems. The government fix is never a good fix. Let those good people on the Board address ALL of the concerns of ALL the patrons and community and fix the problems.

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