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Letter to the Editor: Reader questions election article

Dear Editor,

Whaaat? From your article (an editorial camouflaged as news) one can reasonably infer that you are outraged because:

1) Election officials are following state law by ruling that “where they lay their head” is a determining factor for voter eligibility.

2) You printed two paragraphs refuting yourself regarding length of residency (if 90% of 1000 students “come from outside Buncombe county”, that leaves 100 students who regard Buncombe county as their home. Your inept analysis gives no clue as to where in Buncombe county those students reside.

3) “”mental intent” … not clear how such an intent which is another criterion of state election law, could be binding or relevant.” Not clear?

4) “Merrill … to pursue the issue … litigation financed out of her own pocket.” “Contributions to a legal fund to help offset her expenses [read fully fund] are already being sought and made.” In other words, the people who funded the gerrymandering of Buncombe county are unhappy at being asked to cough up more money for what is likely to be a losing cause.

Please, cry me a river.

BTW – I write this not as a demented Democrat, but as a laughing Libertarian.

If we are lucky you will drown in your tears.

James Glaze

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