Romney- “It was just a cheap anchor.”

Photo by Gage Skidmore-

Staff reports –

Last week, well over a hundred local moderates and conservatives gathered at a private fundraiser to listen to Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney speak. The fundraiser was put together with less than a week’s notice, but one could never tell by the large number of people in attendance, all of whom were excited and gladly donated money to Romney’s campaign for President.

Tagg Romney spoke at some length about his days growing up with his dad. One memorial experience for him that he remembered fondly was that he, as a young teenager, was out fishing in a rowboat in a harbor in Massachusetts. When he pulled up the anchor in order to row in, it fell off the line. When he got to the shore, his dad asked him where the anchor was, and Tagg told him it had come lose from the rope. “Well,” Mitt said, “Let’s go find it!” Mitt and his not too happy son got back in the rowboat and crisscrossed the bay for an hour and a half until they found the anchor. It was only a cheap anchor, but Mitt wanted to teach his son not to waste things even if they didn’t cost very much. Tagg emphasized that his dad never has, and neither have his children!

Most of those who attended said it was a reception that they would not soon forget.

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